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Shari Obrentz,PhD

Executive & Educational Coach 
Project Consultant
Areas of Expertise
Career Exploration & Transitions
Staff Development & Team Building
Personal & Professional Development Undergraduate/Graduate School Application
Change Management
Time Management & Study Skills
Motivation & Accountability 
Overview of Coaching
I believe that clients know themselves best, but they may need assistance reflecting on experiences, identifying goals, discussing options and creating paths forward.  Here is where coaching helps! Coaching is a partnership that allows clients to explore where they have been and where they want to go. I facilitate sessions that allow self-exploration, so that clients may reach the outcomes they set for themselves. I offer individual meetings and packages to meet your needs.
Executive Coaching
  • "Through our coaching sessions I identified my values and ultimately my professional priorities. I felt more confident to advocate for myself at work and what I ultimately wanted for my future." Executive Coaching Client

  • "Shari helped me think through my educational goals and how to balance them with my current work responsibilities."
    Executive Coaching Client

Educational Coaching
  • "Shari worked with my high school student to prep for the PSAT by evaluating responsibilities, prioritizing activities and building a schedule she could follow on her own. The result was decreased family friction, and a 200 point increase in her test score! We couldn't have done this without Shari's guidance." 
    Parent of Educational Coaching Client


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